Illusionary Images Podcast

Special Color The Afterglow episode.

Featuring Take Me With You and Seasons

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Featuring Blugazer & The Cynic Project - Feel Me Wondering.

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Deep tunes to bring in the sumemr end.

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Illusionary Images Podcast 045

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A nice, deep, techy set to get lost to.

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Enjoy the latest 2 hour trip from Blugazer.

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A special deep episode featuring chill, electronic and deep house and trance.

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This month's podcast features Lessov - Eurpharynx (Blugazer Remix) + many more deep and progressive tunes.

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This podcast features Scotty.a - The Way She Smiles (Blugazer Remix) among other top deep and progressive tunes.

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This month's trip features Dan Sieg - Horizons (Blugazer Remix) and Blugazer & Miroslav Vrlik - Lunar Eclipse.

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The best of 2014, including many personal highliights of Blugazer's!

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